Welcome to the EMFF!

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 2022 has been cancelled.

We will return in 2023 – provisional dates are 4 & 5 February 2023. 

We’re so sorry to have to cancel the festival again in 2022. It’s been a tough decision … we really want to bring it back, but it feels like there is too much uncertainty in the winter months ahead to commit the significant time and expense required to stage the festival, when there is a chance that it may not be able to run due to restrictions which could be imposed at any time. In addition, we know that not everyone feels comfortable returning to busy events just yet. We are confident that things will continue to improve over the coming months and that next winter, we should be able to commit to the festival again with a lot less worry and uncertainty.

Incredibly, EMFF 2023 will be our 20th anniversary, so we want to ensure it is a good one! Provisional dates are above so please get them in your diary! We’re going to miss the fun and excitement of the festival in 2022 but we’re planning to provide you with some FREE online shows, so please follow us on Facebook and you’ll find out all of the details.

For film-makers, please continue to submit films and we will automatically enter then into EMFF 2023.

Thanks again for your support – stay safe and we’ll see you in February 2023.

A gift to you – download our Spotify playlist featuring the best tracks from some of the films we’ve screened at the EMFF over the years – click here to download it.

Revisit the EMFF 2020 highlights in the festival trailer. Crank up the sound and enjoy!

We are currently seeking films for the 2023 festival. If you have a film to submit, please complete the online form on the Submit A Film page.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the EMFF!

  1. Where is the venue?

    The EMFF responds:
    The festival is staged at George Square Lecture Theatre at Edinburgh University.


  2. Hi I wonder if someone could help – I’m trying to buy tickets for the Sunday evening 4th feb session and i’m Getting an unknown error when trying to pay – i’m Probably missing something but can’t see what! Thank you

    The EMFF responds:
    If you could have another attempt to book tickets, that would be great. If you get an error message, perhaps you could take a note or screen shot of it and send it to me, so that I can pass it on to universe.com and see if it needs fixed. A couple of other things to consider:
    – Some people found that setting up a Universe account helped – this is very easy and just involves ticking a box when you are buying the tickets
    – You can only buy tickets for 1 session with each purchase. So if you want to attend more than one session, you should set up a Universe account as it makes buying tickets much quicker.

    Thanks for your patience – let me know how you get on. Thanks! The EMFF


  3. Hi Alan. Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble. We’ve made a wee change to the process tonight to try and make it easier. Great that you’ve set up an account already. Hopefully you’ve noted that you can only buy tickets for one session at a time. Finally, please ensure that you complete all of the boxes which are marked with a red asterix. We’ve removed some of these which should make it more logical. If you still have problems when you try again, please email us with details of the issue and we will resolve it. Thanks. The EMFF.


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