Collecting Your EMFF Tickets

If you’ve booked your EMFF tickets online and are wondering where the tickets are, read on to find out how to collect them.

Tickets are NOT being posted out to you. However, if you’ve received an email receipt from PayPal, your tickets are safely booked. If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder. If there is still no email there, contact us and we’ll let you know if we have received your order.

The festival is staged at George Square Lecture Theatre at Edinburgh University.

Please note that all tickets booked online need to be collected from the ‘Prepaid Tickets’ desk at the festival, which opens at 1.15pm on Saturday 4th February. Tickets are NOT being posted out to you.

To collect your tickets, simply bring a copy of the confirmation email you received from Paypal (either a printed copy or the email on your phone) when you placed your order to the festival, and hand it over at the Prepaid Tickets desk. You will then be issued with your tickets. Note that if you bought tickets for more than one session, you will be issued with all tickets at the same time.

You can collect your tickets from the venue anytime from 1.15pm on Saturday 4th February, regardless of which session you are going to see. If you have bought a ticket for Saturday night, it would be worth collecting it early if possible, as that session is sold out so will be very busy!

The ticket desk opens at 1.15pm for the afternoon sessions and at 6pm for the evening sessions. For the Sunday morning session, the desk opens at 10.30am. All sessions are at George Square Lecture Theatre. Please note that you cannot collect tickets before the festival opens at 1.15pm on Saturday 4th February.

There is a pop-up bar at the venue, serving soft and alcoholic drinks, teas, coffees, as well as snacks.

If you are able to mention the EMFF on Facebook, including links to our website, that would be great and much appreciated –    If you are on twitter and want to tweet about the festival, please use #EMFF2017 or @The_EMFF to create a bit of a buzz online.Thanks again for using our online booking system. I hope you enjoy the festival – it looks like being a great event.

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