EMFF 2020 – Judge Our Photography Competitions

The EMFF 2020 Photography Competitions are now closed to entries – but open for judging, and we need your help! 

The finalists can be seen in galleries on our Facebook page. The winning photos are the ones which get the most ‘likes’ in each category – and you can like/vote as many times as you like. Over 3,000 votes were cast in the first few days of the galleries going live! Please click on these links to view the finalists and cast your votes:

The winning photos are the ones which receive the most ‘likes’ on our Facebook Gallery by Sunday 16th February at 8pm, and will be announced at the EMFF that evening. The winners in each category will choose a prize from:

  • A weekend pass for EMFF 2021; or,
  • The EMFF will make a £50 donation to the John Muir Trust or Scottish Mountain Rescue.

The categories for the 2021 photography competition will be announced after EMFF 2020.

Kyle of Tongue + Ben Loyal (Olly Hopkinson)Olly Hopkinson was a winner in the EMFF 2019 Photography Competitions with this wonderful image of the Kyle of Tongue and Ben Loyal.

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