EMFF 2020 – For Children

If you’d like to bring children (young or older) to EMFF 2020, here’s a handy guide to which sessions are most suitable for them, and why. Our 11am session on Sunday 16th February is the best session for children, which is why we have special ticket prices for that session – full details below. But if you want to bring children to other sessions, here’s a guide to each session, with kids in mind and things to consider!

Saturday 15th – 2pm (ends approx 4.30pm)

This session will be of most interest to climbers, as it features 3 films focussed on climbing. There is no guest speaker at this session. The films range in length from 20 mins to 1 hour, so worth considering that in terms of concentration span! We need to highlight that there is swearing in some films. In particular, ‘We Need to Talk About Kev’, has a lot of swearing in it. So probably not a session for younger kids. For full details, click here.

Saturday 15th – 7pm (ends approx 9.45pm)

We call this session ‘Saturday Night Extreme’. The films often focus on more extreme action. However, beyond a bit of swearing, there’s nothing in them to worry about. Our guest speaker, Leon McCarron, will speak for up to 1 hour about his trek through The Holy Land and the people he met there. I think this sounds fascinating – but it may hold less interest for children. It is possible to leave after the films if you like (although ticket prices stay the same). For full details, click here.

Sunday 16th – 11am (ends approx 12.45pm) – The Family-Friendly Session

This session has been designed with families and children in mind – but everyone who comes along will enjoy it, young or old! We’ll screen 10 short films – most films are around 5 mins long and the longest film is 14 mins. So if anyone is not enjoying a film, it’s not long until the next one starts! A few of the films feature children and/or young people, so are easy for smaller attendees to relate to! There’s no swearing (or at least very, very little) and no scary bits / adult themes. The final film features some pretty extreme parkour / street-running moves – we will tell everyone not to try this as it’s definitely dangerous (but they will love watching it!).

There will be a mini-break half way through to let everyone stretch off / run about / go to the toilet! Tickets are priced at £12 for adults, just £5 for under 12s, and kids aged 4 and under go free. Note that you do NOT need to buy tickets for kids aged 4 and under – just bring them along with you. For full details and to buy tickets, click here.

Return to Earth kids

Sunday 16th – 2pm (ends approx 4.45pm)

Although not specifically aimed at them, this session works well for children too, especially teens. We screen 5 films (no swearing!) which are all fairly short and really different to each other. Our guest speaker after the films is the wonderful Anna McNuff, who is known for her inspiring talks for girls and young women so could strike a real chord there (although everyone will be swept up in her tide of enthusiasm!). For full details, click here.

Sunday 16th – 7pm (ends approx 9.45pm)

Our Sunday evening session will definitely be a highlight of the weekend. The 3 films we screen all feature people taking on incredible challenges and keeping a very positive mindset to help them through. So good life lessons. There may be a little swearing but nothing too offensive! Our guest speaker, Jenny Graham, will deliver an inspiring and uplifting presentation about her record-breaking round the world cycle – a talk which anyone, young or old, will enjoy. So for older kids and teens, this session could work well (so long as they are allowed to stay up late with school the next day!). For full details, please click here.

We hope this is a helpful guide and that you and your family can enjoy some inspiring sessions at EMFF 2020!



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