Sunday – 2pm


The Adventure Session: Sunday 16th February, 2pm start

Our Adventure Session is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The huge variety in the films means that there really is something for everyone so come along and bring your friends! We begin with some films which will run for a little over an hour. After a short break, we then welcome our guest speaker, Anna McNuff, to the stage for her presentation.

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The Running Pastor (9 mins)
Camp4_Merrell_Faroe-15Sverri Steinholm grew up chasing sheep up and down the rugged, exposed slopes of the Faroe Islands. Today he is a pastor of the Lutheran Church. He is also a compulsive runner. He may inhabit a very different world, but his words will ring true to anyone who has found peace in nature. “Somehow I am driven to it,” he says. “The body needs it, or my soul, my mind.”
Finalist: Best Short Film Award

The Postman (8 mins)
Clinging to the frayed edges of the ragged shores of the Isle of Harris, a singletrack path navigates its way above cliffs and around bays to Rhinigidale. Known as the Postman’s Path, the trail was the only overland link to the outside world until a road to the village opened in 1990. Three friends make the trip to ride the Postman’s Path, while Kenny Mackay – the last postman to walk the track – shares his own memories of the trail.

Hilly Skiing (10 mins)
Inverness-based Helen Rennie has skied in Scotland at least once a month, every month, for the past 9 years. Which is not so easy in the summer or autumn! But where there’s a will, there’s a snow patch somewhere big enough for a couple of turns.

chasing-the-sublime.pngChasing The Sublime (7 mins)
Why do we put ourselves into the path of discomfort and risk? What drives us to get too cold and too tired, to battle with fear, in the name of adventure? Follow the ‘swim twins’ Kate Rew and Kari Furre, in this hauntingly beautiful glimpse at the physicality of UK cold water swimming, as two friends set out to chase the sublime.
Finalist: Best Short Film Award

My Midsummer Morning (20 mins)
Following the footsteps of his favourite book, terrible musician Alastair Humphreys attempts to busk through Spain with no money or credit card.
Finalist: Donald Tiso Best Film Award

Al Humpheys Midummer


Speaker: Anna McNuff
Barefoot Britain – 90 Barefoot Marathons from Shetland to London

DCIM100GOPROG0262600.JPGIn June 2019, Anna set off to run 2,620 miles through Britain, from the Shetland Isles to London – completely barefoot. As you do. This was the latest in a series of long human-powered journeys.

Anna will share tales with honesty, humour and passion. Come along for an inspirational afternoon. You can keep your shoes on if you prefer!