Saturday – 7pm


Saturday Night Extreme Session: Saturday 15th February, 7pm start

Our Saturday Night Extreme session is always a sell-out event. It begins with one hour of short, action-packed films. After a short break, there is a raffle to raise funds for Mountain Rescue before we welcome our guest speaker, Leon McCarron, to the stage for his presentation. We finish around 9.45pm.

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The High Road (18 mins)
While the world’s best boulderers push standards close to the ground, Nina Williams’ sights are set higher. She is among the few climbers who take on elite-level problems that are 30, 40, even 50 feet tall — with no rope. In this profile of an emerging star athlete, Nina Williams flexes her guns and tests her nerves well into the no-fall zone.

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Bike vs Parkour (6 mins)
An unusual and adrenaline-packed race from London to Paris … don’t try this at home!


The Ridge of Dreams (25 mins)
Two great friends, with very different views on life, set off to Alaska on the search for a mythical mountain on which nobody has yet skied. This film won the Best Snow Sports Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in November 2019.
Finalist: Donald Tiso Best Film Award


Hors Piste (6 mins)
This short film focuses on a mountain rescue on a remote peak. Who wouldn’t want to be saved by these heroes?
Finalist: Best Short Film Award


Interval with fund-raising raffle for Mountain Rescue


Speaker: Leon McCarron: The Land Beyond
A Thousand Miles on Foot through the Heart of the Middle East

Leon McCarron is speaking at EMFF 2020

In December 2015, Northern Irish adventurer, film-maker and writer Leon McCarron set off from Jerusalem to walk 1,000 miles through the heart of the Middle East. The five-month-long journey took him through the rolling green hills and terraced olive groves of the West Bank; the deep chasm-like wadis and ancient kingdoms of Jordan; and the vast, rugged deserts of the Sinai peninsula.

Working on the premise that the brain works best at 3 miles per hour, Leon collected the thoughts and stories of the people that he met, and explored the rich past, tense present and uncertain future of the region. His observations make for an insightful and enlightening journey though the bubbling cauldron of one of the most complex and compelling places on earth – the Holy Land.

Author walking towards the great rock arch at Jebel Kharazeh, Jordan

Suleiman the desert philosopher, watching the sunset in Feynan, Jordan