Sunday – 11am

Details of EMFF 2020 guest speakers and films will be added here shortly.

The details below relate to EMFF 2018. 



The Film Only Session: Sunday 4th February, 11am start

Our Sunday morning session features films only (no guest speaker), and is the perfect way to start a relaxed Sunday at the EMFF. We carefully choose the films to have very limited swearing or adult themes (nobody dies!), which makes them suitable viewing for all of the family, which is why we offer a reduced price for children under 12. But these are not kids films – everyone will enjoy them.

Tickets £8 / £4 (children) – Buy Tickets


Brendon Tyree 01From the South Up (21 mins)
Solo cyclist Brendon Tyree documents the dramatically changing landscape as he rides the length of South America. A limited timescale forces plenty of off-road short cuts and wild camping locations during this 6,000 mile trip from Patagonia to the Caribbean coast.

Diving Free (8 mins)
Jacques de Vos, a free diver and photographer, goes on expedition to northern Norway in search of humpback whales and orcas.

margo-hayes_break-on-through_photo-by-greg-mionske_4Break on Through (26 mins)
In high-end modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a grade achieved by only a few men and never by a woman. Margo Hayes, a little known 19-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, is determined to change that. But pushing her body and mind to the absolute limit, she risks injury and failure in her quest to be the first.

Pedal (8 mins)
Hera van Willick lives life on two wheels. She is a self-supported cyclist who has used human-power to pass through over 43 countries in the last few years. This is her story.

Ramsay’s Round (20 mins)
This classic Scottish mountain challenge involves climbing 24 mountains, with 28,000 feet of ascent … in 24 hours. Hill-runner Alicia Huddleston takes on the challenge in this film which features some jaw-dropping scenery from around Glen Nevis.

We plan to finish the session at approx 12.45pm.