Sunday – 11am


The Film Only Session: Sunday 16th February, 11am start

Our Sunday morning session features a whopping 10 films (there is no guest speaker) and is the perfect way to start a relaxed Sunday at the EMFF. We carefully choose the films so  that they are suitable for children (they are all short, have very limited swearing, and avoid adult themes). This is why we offer a reduced price for children under 12 and free tickets for children age 4 and under.

But these are not kids films – everyone will enjoy them. And this year some of our favourite films from the whole festival screen at this session!

Tickets £12 / £5 (children under 12) – Buy Tickets


Good Morning (5 mins)
The obvious film to start with!! A man likes to start each day by going skiing…

Project 282 (11 mins)
In summer 2018, Emily Scott set out to undertake a continuous, self-propelled and self-supported round of Scotland’s 282 Munros. This is the story of her 4,800km journey.

MTB Return to EarthReturn to Earth (14 mins)
Time is either spent wisely. Or it is just spent. Return to Earth is a cinematic journey into the simple act of living completely in those moments by riding bikes. It features some incredible riding by a posse of 10-15 year olds!

Street Dog (6 mins)
Maggie is an orphaned African street dog from Uganda who loves to run! This short captures her love of the trail combined with some of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks.

Far Out – Kai Jones (6 mins)
Being 11 isn’t easy. There’s so many things you aren’t allowed to do. But as Kai shows, when it comes to skiing, there are definitely things that he can do which plenty of adults cannot!

[There will be a short interval for 10 minutes after this film]

Suilven (7 mins)
When two friends realise they’ve spent more time talking about climbing Suilven than it would take to actually climb it, they set out to right that wrong, taking a sustainable route north and camping on its summit.


Danny Daycare (5 mins)
The unstoppable Danny MacAskill helps out a friend by looking after his daughter, and delivers a masterclass in parenting…
Finalist: Best Short Film Award

Every Few Winters (14 mins)
When the days grow shorter, and skiers begin to dream of their favourite pistes and perfect powder days, it’s not often that they imagine the Scottish Highlands.

Every Few Winters

From the misty peaks of Glen Shiel with seasoned steep skiers Pete Mackenzie, Dave Searle and Hamish Frost, to the Back Corries and scoured slopes of Aonach Mor with 4 year old Murray, ‘Every Few Winters’ explores the quirky, unique community of Scottish skiers who epitomise dedication to their sport and an unrivalled tenacity.

Corbet’s Couloir (3 mins)
A pair of mountain bikers try to sneak past ski patrol to gain access to the slopes!

Bike vs Parkour (6 mins)
An unusual and adrenaline-packed race from London to Paris. Note – this film also screens Saturday night … but kids will love it (even though they should not try these stunts at home – see image below!)

We plan to finish the session at approx 12.45pm.

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